Created with the magic of puppetry, THE SHOW THAT SMELLS is a playful, poignant, and penetrating queer inscription on the pressed vinyl history of down home country music.
Jimmie Rodgers, America’s Blue Yodeller, is dying of tuberculosis.
While recording his final album, the stricken singer is approached by the devil in the guise of surrealist dress designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and her henchman,Lon Chaney the man of a thousand faces. Schiaparelli offers to take away Rodgers’ terminal illness, and promises him a headlining spot in her carnival midway full of adoring fans for all eternity…in exchange for his soul.
​Tempted but tortured Jimmie is torn…
But before anyone ends up burning in Hades, along come the ever-pious Carter Family Singers,
​along with rival designer Coco Chanel.
​What ensues is evangelical pandemonium, a clashing of designer perfumes, a battle to the death between good and evil, a parade of circus freaks, a lot of blood,
sequins, country crooning, and a double gay wedding.
The future of country music’s young soul hangs in the balance.

Approximate running time: 75 minutes 
international troublemakers guild​​